Innovative flexion system developed by SEMIC that can be provided in any sole

Double Flexion System

The biomechanics institute of Valencia has assessed the company SEMIC S.A in the development of a innovative system that allows to make flexible even the classic shoes.

The footwear flexibility conditions the comfort level while walking. Using a not flexible shoe the use of energy to bend the shoe increases, as well as the fatigue while walking ; it also makes difficult the pace, increasing the plantar pressures in the forefoot and the probability of rubs in the heel. This is the reason why is important to use shoes that guarantee the dorsal flexion of the forefoot, including flexion systems in the sole and in the upper of the shoe, to make the natural movement of the shoe smoother.

This are the reasons why SEMIC S.A  developed this innovative system that can be provided in any sole, even in the leather soles which usually worn by classic shoes. Also this technology can be applied to any kind of shoes, men, women, child, work shoes and sport shoes.

The system includes a series of cracks or slots that have been adapted to the natural flexion axis of the foot to improve the flexibility of the footwear. Moreover, they have included some tensors which are perpendicular to the flexion lines and their mission is to recover completely its original shape after achieving the maximum flexion point. This tensors will avoid the progressively deformation of the footwear because of its use, especially in the forefoot zone, due to the continuous flexion action produced while walking.

The system includes two flexion axis with an asymmetric design. The objective of One of them, the one which is further away from the front part of the shoe is to increase the maximum the dorsal flexion of the foot. The one which is nearer the front part of the shoe, assist to make easer the take off of the toes. This two axis are more separated in the outside part of the foot than in the inside part to make easier the take off in the direction of the pace.

In the same way, this system improves the grip of the shoe to the ground while walking, especially in shoes with leather soles, decreasing the risk of falls and injures, it can also be applied to rubber soles as well as TPU, TR or EVA injected.

The footwear including this innovative system has been validated by persons at the IBV, using the photogrammetric techniques to analyze the movements while walking. The results have proved the correct functioning of the flexion system and provides a flexibility level 2 times more than a conventional footwear.

After the validation done by the biomechanics Institute (IBV), we can confirm that the new flexion system develop by SEMIC S.A improves considerably the flexion of the foot while walking, so increases notably the comfort level sensed by the users preserving the natural movements of the foot during the pace and avoiding the deformation of the shoe in the forefoot zone during it use. Additionally, this flexion system increases the intention of buying the product due to its improvements in relation to the conventional footwear.

To develop this project the company have had the support of The Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) through the program of Investigation and development projects (PID). Moreover, Semic has in process of approval  an International patent for the mentioned System.

Source: Red de Institutos Tecnológicos de la Comunitat Valenciana. RED IT. (

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